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The House Staff


The Girl

My Princess, my Ferrari, my Baby..... The dog that gets the best compliments around.  If my sister Kathy Brown had her way, Kee would be living in Florida with her, that how much she is loved.


Kyan and I are working on new handling skills "One Mind Dog," which has helped me so much to get into place and sometimes ahead of her.  ButBut for the most part I still need to handle this fast one from behind that wheel.


Hidden Valley Bleu Moon Dancer, RA, MX, MXJ, MFB, T2B, CGC




Head Boy

Spur, my 3rd adopted Australian Shepherd.  Spur was only 10 weeks old when my sister Kathy Brown found him in a Midwest shelter.  One look at those eyes and I knew he was coming here to live.  Spur is 2yo and has been training with me in Agility.  We are also working on obedience. Hoping to have him running full courses in the fall.


Dallas' Bleu Spur of the Moment


Ball Queen

The Brookster or Mini-Me...... Brooke is my small Border Collie, only 17.5," but full of power, don't let that size or innocent face fool face.


Brooke is 4 yo, also known as Golden Flyers Bleu Running Brooke, NA, NAJ, OF


Daddy's Girl

Perle, my very first Border Collie.  Perle taught me to be a better trainer.  I made my mistakes in the beginning, but learned through Perle what true herding dogs where all about.  Perle started off in Agility, trained in herding, which she really loved to do.  But it turned out Perle would prefer to stay at home and chill out and relax.  Perle loves when we leave on the weekends and she has her Dad all to herself.


Hidden Valley Bleu Treasure, NA, NAJ, AAD




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